Fall 2007 - Carrying on the Work

Fall 2007
Fall 2007

Team Members

Shayne Hill, 4th Year Applied Mathematics
William Kazanis, 3rd Year Applied Mathematics
Hanna Kolb, 2nd Year Applied Mathematics
Christos Mitillos, 3rd Year Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Angela Pak, 3rd Year Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics
Casey Primm, 3rd Year Psychology
Patrick Ten Eyck, 2nd Year Applied Mathematics
Aimee Totleben, 3rd Year Applied Mathematics
Sunil Vasireddi, 3rd Year Biomedical Engineering
Kevin Ventullo, 3rd Year Applied Mathematics
Kevin Yokley, 4th Year Applied Mathematics

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Greg Fasshauer, Applied Mathematics
Dr. Michael Pelsmajer, Applied Mathematics


In 2003, international student testing showed that 15 year-old Americans ranked 24th out of 29 nations in an average of several tests for mathematical literacy. In addition, urban 8th graders generally score worse on standardized science tests than other Americans.


IPRO 330 was created to help combat mathematical and scientific illiteracy/apathy among Chicago Public Schools (CPS) students. The goal of this team is to provide students with the ideas and materials necessary to succeed in their science fair, held by every high school in CPS once a year. It is our belief that students who enjoy their science fair experience will be encouraged to continue learning about math and science during their high school careers.

Team Organization

IPRO 330 was split into three subteams: the project team, the promotion team, and the website team. The project team was in charge of coming up with innovative and interesting science fair project ideas, as well as expanding on the currently existing ones. The promotion team was to create a survey to get feedback from the students who used our website, as well as go to Chicago Public Schools and promote the website. The website team updated and maintained the website, which both displays the information from the project team in an understandable way to the students, as well as provides the students with an easy way to give feedback to the whole team.


IPRO 330 achieved many goals, including posting projects on the website, visiting schools to present the website to students, and make improvements to the website that we started with from last semester. The group was also able to provide pictures of these projects, so students will be able to view how their experiments should look.

Future Plans

Future members of IPRO 330 will expand and improve on already posted projects and presentation guides, as well as add projects of their own. The website will also need to be expanded and improved upon including more detailed and interesting content and more interactive projects.

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