Spring 2007 - The Founding Group

Spring 2007
Spring 2007

Team Members

Jonathan Beagley, 3rd Year Applied Mathematics
Brian Dunne, 4th Year Computer Engineering
Shayne Hill, 3rd Year Applied Mathematics
Tom Holt, 4th Year Architectural Engineering
Michael McCourt, 4th Year Applied Mathematics
Chad Meyer, 4th Year Physics
Anthony Parrillo, 3rd Year Applied Mathematics
Pradeep Shenoy, 4th Year Electrical Engineering
Kajetan Sikorski, 3rd Year Applied Mathematics
Kevin Yokley, 3rd Year Applied Mathematics

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Greg Fasshauer, Applied Mathematics
Dr. Michael Pelsmajer, Applied Mathematics

Who are we?

We are students at the Illinois Institute of Technology. We're building this website as part of our participation in an Interprofessional Project, or IPRO. An IPRO is a group project involving students from different areas of study (such as Applied Mathematics, Computer Engineering, and Architectural Engineering in our case) joining forces to solve a common problem.

Okay, so... what's our problem?

Obviously science education is a priority in our country today, and since we're located in Chicago, we figured Chicago Public Schools should be a great area for us to focus on. We decided to find some way to help improve math and science education in Chicago Public Schools by helping to promote interest in those fields.

How do we plan to do that?

Since individual students generally work on these projects for one semester, our possible solutions were limited in scope. We won't be winning any Nobel Prizes, at any rate. However, we picked out an area of math and science education that we think can be made more rewarding for students and teachers: the science fair. We think that the science fair should be a great opportunity for students to do something exciting (for us and for them). However, for various reasons, it's often more like an afterthought for teachers and students.

How are we organized?

There are three primary teams working on this project. The "project team" is responsible for taking brainstormed ideas for projects and turning them into fully-developed, easy-to-follow descriptions ready for use on the website. The "presentation team" is in charge of the Guides section (currently has been expanded); they produce our wonderful how-to's and walkthroughs, complete with screenshots. Finally, the website team's job is making the content produced by the other two teams available to the world. The layout, organization, and maintenance of the website are all our fault concern.

Future Plans

There is a huge amount of potential for this website, and we've already done a huge amount of work to put up this framework. In the future, we have a laundry list of things that can be done to improve upon our work to date. For starters, there is a nearly limitless need for content - the more project ideas and presentation guides we can come up with, the wider the audience that we can reach. As far as the website goes, we'd love to develop a beautiful user interface to attract visitors and get them interested in the materials. We would also like to add some feedback channels, allowing users to rate projects and guides with the click of a mouse, leave comments and suggestions attached to the pages, and possibly even upload their own project ideas.

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