Fall 2008 - Getting the Word Out

Fall 2008

Fall 2008
Fall 2008

Team Members

Rocio Diaz, 4th Year Chemistry
Josh Tate, 4th Year Applied Mathematics
Xuan Kang, 4th Year Biomedical Engineering
YoungJu Jo, 4th Year Electrical Engineering/Applied Mathematics
Brianna Elg, 3rd Year Psychology
Andrew Mehr, 4th Year Psychology/Political Science/Humanities
Kyle Gay, 3rd Year Physics Education
Sam Nemanich, 3rd Year Biomedical Engineering/Science Education
Mark Rhodes, 4th Year Electrical Engineering

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Greg Fasshauer, Applied Mathematics
Dr. Michael Pelsmajer, Applied Mathematics

The Problems

A number of recurring problems arise in Chicago Science Fair projects. The most notable problems are that students:

Our Goals for this Semester

Team Organization

We were divided into two teams:


Future Plans

Other Teams