Spring 2009 - Grant Proposal and Usability Testing

Spring 2009

Spring 2009
Spring 2009

Team Members

Samuel Nemanich, 3rd Year Biomedical Engineering/Science Education
Eugene Lamie, 5th Year Applied Mathematics and Computer Engineering
Kenneth Boubel, 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering
Satchal Erramilli, 5th Year Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics
Rick Matusiewicz, 3rd Year Applied Mathematics
Edgar Palacios, 2nd Year Physics
Kyle Pnsonneault, 5th Year Industrial Technology Management
Joshua Tate, 4th Year Applied Mathematics
Anil Vasireddi, 2nd Year Biomedical Engineering
Yaofu Zhou, 2nd Year Physics

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Greg Fasshauer, Applied Mathematics
Dr. Michael Pelsmajer, Applied Mathematics

The Problem

Goals for this Semester

Team Organization

We broke into two teams:


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