General Science Lab Note Taking

A lab notebook should be an organized and detailed account of anything you do when conducting research or doing an experiment. It is necessary to prepare your notebook in detail before you do your lab and to fill in data as you do the experiment.

The answers to these questions should be thought out before you do your experiment and you should write them down in your lab notebook. Later, when you are doing your experiment analysis and results, you can refer to your notebook and see how well your research answered your questions or supported your predictions.

Here are the general steps that you should follow while doing your lab note taking for a science fair project. "When you are done reading these steps, you may want to check out more detailed information for particular subjects or see our lab note taking samples!"

Write the Dates:

Define Objectives and Tasks:

List Expected Steps for Each Task:

Create Tables and Fill-in-the-Blanks:

Begin your Research Following your Expected Steps:

Explain your Technique

Keep your Data and Repeat