The Hall of Fame


Here are a few examples of great presentation boards:

Fame 1

Though the background may be a little dark, it is okay because of how the section titles are outlined in white, making them very easy to read. Very well done!

Fame 2

Only complaint is that the title is too small. Other than that, perfect.

However, whereas the layout and color choices on this poster are fantastic (and that's what this guide is concerned with,) the individual sections suffer from a condition known affectionately as "textwall." See our guide on poster balance for more information.

The Hall of Shame


These posters... well, they didn't quite make the grade.

Shame 1

This is a great example of how white space can go horribly wrong. Also, the size of the text denotes the importance. In this title, the most important words are THE followed by SCIENCE. Make sure that all the words in the title are the same size, or at the least, are sized according to their importance. (Note: Please try to spell all your words correctly, especially the short ones.)

Shame 2

Buy the appropriate color background. Also notice how “Skittles” is spelled wrong right next to the packaging. Nothing derails a project faster than misspelling the main concept. Please, use spell-check or a dictionary or the product label.

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