Text Layout and Flow

Show your poster makes sense!

The layout and flow of text across the display board is vital in getting the information across in a meaningful way. When information is presented in a linear, chronological order, the information is easy to absorb with minimal effort. If the information is scattered and disjointed, simply finding and reading can be a pain, let alone the trouble of actually figuring out what is going on.

Flow keeps it going

English is read from left to right, top to bottom. So should the layout of the text. This may seem like a simple concept, but there have been many, many projects with total disregard to this aspect of presentation.

Here is an example of good flow. Notice how the numbered sections go along a nice, predictable pattern.

Here is an example of poor flow. Notice that the sections go linearly, but fail to go in a predictable pattern. Obviously, this particular setup is highly unlikely to be chosen, but the concept goes for any variation of it.

Think of the board almost like a pamphlet, but on a much larger scale. Remember, all the sections may not conform to the same height, but they can easily be made the same width.

This last example is just silly. There is no flow, no chronology, nothing. However, there have been some projects like this. DON’T DO THIS!

Follow these simple guidelines and take careful note of the bad examples we've laid out for you. Your poster will make a lot more sense and score some major points.

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