Project Titles

How big, where, and why

The title of the project is important for obvious reasons. People have to know what the project is about. To get people's attention, all that is really needed is letters large enough to be seen from 30-40 feet away. However, making the title look professional is a little more involved. The title should be centered in the middle of the main board, at the top. That way, everyone can see it no matter who is standing in front of the display.

A wonderfully placed title

If it is half way down, it splits the main board into two parts, ruining the flow of the design:

Dont put this here.

If it is at the bottom, no one will see it, and it will go unnoticed.

Why is that guy red?

Also avoid having vertical text. It is harder to read and parts of it can be obscured by people or demonstrations.

Chinese posters CAN be written like this.

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