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External Science Fair Resources

Chicago Public School Official Science Fair Website
Do you need to find some information about the Chicago Public School Science Fair? What better place to go than the official website.
Have a diffcult Science Fair question and can't find the answer? Why not ask the experts at Argonne National Laboratory? To find an answer to your question faster, make sure to check out the archives of questions that have already been asked!
Science Fair Central
This website has a lot of projects and information for science fair participants.
Ultimate Science Fair
Here you can find lots of tips and advice from science teachers and former participants.
Northeastern Illinois University
This site gives you information about the upcoming dates for CPS science fairs in the Chicago area.
Chicago State University
In this website you will find how you can participate in a special projects program at the University of Illinois-Chicago and Chicago State University.
Super Project Kits
If you're looking for somewhere to buy materials for your project, this may be a good place to look. In general you should be able to get most materials from your teacher, but if you have to pay for things this is a good place to start.
The name says it all. Good ideas, even if they aren't well-developed.
American Chemical Society
A resource for chemistry and chemical applications, including databases, publications, career information and educational resources.

External Math Links

External Science Report Writing Resources

The Owl at Purdue University
How to properly use the APA format in your Science Fair Research Paper
Science Fair Buddies Website
How to format the paper (use the APA column)
Modern Language Association
Visit this site to learn how to properly cite your references for your Science Fair Research Paper