Food and Your Heart


To study the effect of various foods on your heart.


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It can be challenging to stay awake through class after lunch. Sometimes it is more challenging to concentrate on your homework if you are hungry. A cup of coffee will definitely keep you awake but sometimes too much can make your heart race.

Undoubtedly food is one of the influences in our daily life. This depends entirely on the daily diet our body needs to respond properly.

One of the ways that the body responds is through heart rate. While performing many major tasks, we need oxygen, and heart circulates our blood to replenish oxygen in our blood. This is why our heart beats faster when performing physically strenuous tasks.

Sometimes we eat for pleasure, but the purpose of eating is so that our body has enough energy to sustain our activities in our daily life. However, our body has to work to convert food into energy. Ironically, digestion is like exercise for your digestive system. Your heart needs to work to provide needed oxygen to the rest of the body.

So, how does your digestive system convert food into energy that allows you to breathe, laugh, walk, run, and do so many more activities? We can break nutrition into three major categories: Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat.

So is one of these sources harder to digest? Can you tell by monitoring your heart beat?

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